Aiko was proud to attend the Inno Design Tech Expo (IDT Expo) from December 12-December 14 2007 in Hong Kong.  This exhibition is a showcase of inventions, designs and technology solutions for worldwide applications. There were several special programs and conferences geared toward Design and Technology, Italian Design as well as  Inspiration from Inventors.
Aiko would like the thank the show organization for reserving a time slot for the presentation of our NCCO Technology and it's successful application in the development of the Aiko Air Purifier Product line.
During the exhibition Aiko was very pleased to meet and discuss our technology with esteemed visitors from many countries. There were technical experts as well as designers in attendance that we were pleased to meet.
Overall the IDT Expo was a great experience for Aiko and the experience will be helpful in the future development of our products.


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