ST-301 Ionic Facial Massager

This is a handheld ionic massager for cleansing, skin care and improved nutrient absorption.
According to dermatologist studies, facial residue such as grease and make up are positively charged. Such residues are hidden in the skin layers and difficult to remove by ordinary skin cleaners.

In -ion mode, the massager will generate negative ions. As the opposite charges attract each other, the residue will soften and dirt can be removed from the deepest skin layers by adhering to the cleansing liquid applied.

In +ion mode, the massager can be used to improve the nutrient penetration and absorption in deeper skin layers.

  1. Restores natural skin color
  2. Promotes blood circulation
  3. Reduces wrinkles
  4. Lifts loose droopy skin
  1. Negative ions clean skin and positive ions improve the nutrient penetration and absorption in deeper skin layers
  2. Easy-to-grip handle, light weight and pocket sized portability
  3. Suitable: for different kind of skins
  4. Battery low indication
  5. Auto shut off timer
  6. Five LED indication modes: ion (+/-), power level (high, medium, low)
  7. Key tone
  8. 2 function keys: ON/OFF Switch / Ion (+/-); Level & Power (high, medium, low)
  1. Product Net Weight: 66g
  2. Product Dimension: 102 * 50 * 37 mm
  3. Carton Dimension: 180* 110 * 45 mm
  4. Battery included: 3 * LR44
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