ST-304 Multi-Function Sonic Massager with Ion

Ultrasonic & Ion Beauty Massager is an indispensable and versatile device suitable for self skin care at home. It has combined ultrasonic function, negative ion function, and positive ion function. The Beauty Stimulator permeates the skin's molecules to facilitate the skin's self-cleansing and absorption of nutrients.

Ultrasonic Model
  1. High frequency ultrasonic vibrations that penetrate deep into pores and hair follicles to break up old, dead metabolism and growth to accelerate blood circulation and metabolism
  2. Ultrasonic energy splits molecules within cells, secretions and oily blockages to deeply clean and to minimize skin pores
  3. Stretches the wrinkles and firming the skin
  4. Reduces puffiness around the eyes
  5. Deep tissue micro massage whitens black spots, freckles and aged marks
  6. Facilitates the absorption of skin care products
- Ion
  1. Sterilize, neutralize poison, eliminate stink and bleach functions.
  2. Accelerate metabolism and restores the skin cells to its natural beauty
+ Ion
  1. Facilitate the absorption of skin care products
  1. Ergonomic design
  2. Easy to use, lightweight, and portable
  3. 4 operating modes: Ultrasonic continuous/ pulse mode, +/- Ion mode
  4. Good treatment for each skin type
  5. Applying conductive gel can enhance the effect
  6. LCD display provides all of the information user need at a glance
  7. Safe Power Adapter included
  1. Product Net Weight: 246g + 296g (adapter)
  2. Product Dimension: 172 * 52 * 60 mm
  3. Carton Dimension: 224* 64 * 154 mm
  4. Power supply: AC adapter
  5. Voltage: 110/120/220/230 VAC
  6. Output power: 12VDC
  7. Capacity: 400mA, 4.8w (max.)
  8. Ultrasonic frequency: 1 MHz/Sec
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