QS-1 Cuffless Blood Pressure Meter

Frequent monitoring of blood pressure is essential for diagnosis and treatment. BP readings taken at home may predict future risk of heart-related problems more accurately than those taken at a doctor's office. That’s why cuff-based traditional devices are in use at home but at the same time they create lots of inconvenience and discomfort to patients owing to their cuff-based operation, and bulky size. With the premier feature of cuffless monitoring, QS-1 Cuffless Blood Pressure Meter provides users a more effective and more convenient way to monitor their blood pressure at home, providing users with beat-to-beat BP and heart rate measurements.

  1. No Cuff — users measure their blood pressure (BP) simply by placing their fingers on the device sensors.
  2. Continuous Beat-to-Beat BP Measurement — an accurate BP reading is available for each beat so that a continuous stream of BP and its variability can be obtained.
  3. Accurate — Clinical trial involving 85 subjects over 4 months yielded lower mean deviations than a traditional cuff-based device
  4. Light & portable — small size, light weight and portable. It fits in the palm of your hand.
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